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One Popular PigRequests for travel souvenirs have changed quite dramatically here at 4imprint. My co-workers used to ask me to bring back chocolates when I was heading home to London. These days, they're all about Percy.If you haven't yet been introduced, Percy Pig is an international superstar of the confectionary world. promotional products Percy Pigs were introduced by British retailer Marks & Spencer back in 1995 as a simple gummy confectionary. Percy's rise to stardom is quite a story. Marks & Spencer wasn't really known for its confectionaries at the time. The desserts it offered were higher-end chocolates and the like. Candy was considered something for children.

But, this children's product caught on with adults dollar days website . And, over time, the product's loyal following grew.Seventeen years later, Percy Pigs have spawned all kinds of additional products. The preservatives-free candy comes in flavors like raspberry, strawberry, cherry and grape. promotional items There are the lemon -flavored Penny Pigs (Penny also happens to be Percy's girlfriend), and the smaller-sized Percy Piglets. There's also Phizzy Pig Tails, Percy Pigs and Pals, and Reversy Percys.

The list goes on and on. In fact, the appeal of this little, cute, smiling pig is so strong that Marks & Spencer has extended their offerings into tote bags, umbrellas, key chains, and even Percy Pig piggy banks.Percy proves that sometimes all your customers are looking for is something fun Travel Wallets . And, perhaps that's the real reason my co-workers have come to love Percy, too. argos promotional code lowes promotional code